Volunteered Time

Since the creation of the company, ASI has kept their eyes and hearts open to supporting charitable causes with both their money and their time. Numerous staff members have volunteered at dozens of events in the past decade and a half. Here are highlights of a couple of the memorable ones from the past few years:

Food Bank of the Rockies: In August of 2018, a group of Portfolio Managers and the HR Manager spent an afternoon loading, dispersing, transporting, and organizing food for the Food Bank of the Rockies. They put on their working clothes and gloves, split up, and got the job done. During the 5 hours they were there, they helped dozens of families gain access to a fundamental resource they may not have otherwise had.

Ronald McDonald House: The Ronald McDonald House is an organization that exists to provide resources and comfort to the families of those who have children being treated at the Children’s Hospital. Food and housing provide refuge and comfort to dozens of families. In order to assist in their mission, ASI has helped prepare, cook, and serve meals to those staying at the Ronald McDonald House. ASI has taken on the rewarding task of helping with meals two times in the past two years. Each time, the families in the Ronald McDonald house have left with full bellies and the staff has left with full hearts.

Rise and Run: In May of 2015, ASI was the title sponsor for the Rise and Run 5K. The Rise and Run 5K is a race put on to support first responders who have been gravely injured. This short run is designed to raise money for first responders on their road to recovery. Many ASI staff, spouses, and children gathered together with any and all willing security officers to run, jog, or walk the race while others volunteered for the event or made financial contributions to support the injured first responder.

Colorado Freedom Memorial: ASI has supported the Colorado Freedom Memorial almost since its beginning. While that support comes monetarily each year with the Pennies for Change program, it also is given through volunteered time and participation. In May of 2015, ASI staff and their families gathered to help clean up the memorial in preparation for the annual Memorial Day event the following morning. Each year, staff and their families volunteer at the Memorial Day event by setting up chairs, running the merchant tent, distributing roses, and more. And, our Corporate Training Manager, Jeff Anderson, holds a position on the board as chair of the ambassador’s committee where he educates and guides the memorial’s visitors.

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