Mission Statement

To provide quality security services through responsible people, supported by responsive management; to empower our employees to succeed within a challenging, fun-filled environment; to enhance the quality of life by investing in and supporting community services, organizations and activities.


Our founder, Vic Evans, started in the security industry in 1974. Over time, he became disenchanted with the national corporate focus on profitability first and service delivery second. Vic preferred working in an environment that focused on customer service and employee satisfaction rather than reducing costs and increasing profits.

Advantage Security, Inc. (ASI) was created in 1995 in order to provide quality security services to our customers and rewarding careers for our employees without compromising customer service. Since then, ASI has quietly built a strong, reputable company that has come to be known by our employees, customers, and even our competitors as a leader in the security industry.


Since ASI’s creation in 1995, we have experienced exceptional and stable growth. This growth is not attributed to a marketing department, but to the quality services for which we are known. In fact, ASI does not even employ a sales staff; instead, we choose to focus on the operational aspects of security. We believe that our employees and customers sell our services because of our:

  • Outstanding reputation
  • Responsible people
  • Responsive management
  • Above average pay
  • Comprehensive benefit package
  • Small family atmosphere
  • Large company technology and capabilities

ASI strives to create relationships that extend well beyond the typical customer/vendor connection. Regular visits by our Portfolio Managers allow us to obtain continuous feedback on our services, brainstorm on how to make your facility more secure, and make any adjustments necessary to improve your operations. A partnership with ASI promises responsive, flexible, and value-added security services.

Proudly serving Colorado