Mobile Patrol Services

ASI maintains one of the largest and most experienced patrol divisions in Colorado. Customers who do not require a dedicated security staff often protect their facilities by utilizing this cost-effective security solution. The main focus of our patrol division is to provide a visual deterrence to criminal activity and early detection of potential issues. All of our patrol services are customized to your needs and environment. The following basic services are available:

  • Exterior patrols – consist of checking exterior doors to ensure that they are secure, exterior lighting for issues and visual inspections of windows, landscaping and parking areas for signs of graffiti, vandalism and suspicious behavior.
  • Interior patrols – consist of checking all suite and mechanical doors to ensure that they are secure, interior lighting for issues, restrooms for water leaks and all common areas such as hallways, stairwells and lobbies for signs of abnormal activity.
  • Employee escorts – high visibility escorts for employees during shift changes or due to a specific threat or concern.
  • Facility unlocks/lock-ups – manually securing or unlocking exterior doors or gates and activating/deactivating alarm systems as needed.
  • Parking enforcement – enforcement of visitor parking, reserved parking, handicap and fire lane violations, as well as other enforcement needs.
  • Alarm response – 24-hour security operations center that dispatches experienced officers to perform a thorough inspection of your facility, document the cause of the alarm, and notify the appropriate individuals as needed.

These services are conducted by experienced patrol officers using late model, clearly-marked, 4×4 SUV’s with the latest in communications equipment, GPS capabilities, and dash cams. If a perceived threat is observed, authorities will be dispatched, and emergency contacts notified. Up-to-date reports of officers’ activity are available to you online and via email request.

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