Remote Site Monitoring

ASI employs a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to manage our onsite workforce, coordinate patrol dispatches, and remotely monitor access control and surveillance systems. The ASI SOC utilizes the latest in remote surveillance, analytics, and access control technology to provide our virtual guard services. Whether utilized as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our onsite and patrol services, our specially trained monitoring agents can view sites and interact live via remote PA’s, call boxes, sirens, and a variety of perimeter detection devices and smart video analytics. We integrate technology smartly and in a practical, cost effective manner to detect, deter, and, if necessary, manage an incident or crisis in progress.

Virtual Guards Can:

  • Deter criminal activity and create security awareness with live, interactive communications
  • Maintain a visual awareness until emergency personnel arrives
  • Help with telephone entry doors and gates
  • Dispatch and Direct patrol units to properties when needed
  • Provide incident and activity reports
  • Conduct video investigations
  • Provide virtual guard tours
  • Conduct audit and compliance checks
  • Eliminate false responses

Featured Service: Video Analytics
ASI takes video monitoring a step above by using smart video analytics. Video analytics evaluate videos in real-time for specific movements, shapes, and objects. Being able to focus on relevant images reduces the possibility of manual monitoring errors. Video analytics are customized to specific parameters and can uncover insights and patterns that are unnoticeable to the human eye. They ignore non-relevant information such as lighting changes and weather, and extract only the valid information in a scene. By utilizing video analytics, our monitoring agents are sharper, more thorough, and more effective than they would be watching video feed alone.

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