Pennies for Change

In 2016, ASI instituted the “Pennies for Change” program. The goal was to extend an invitation to our employees to give to charities locally and nationally. The program was set up to allow employees the option to donate $1-$5 each paycheck to ASI’s selected charities. At the end of the year, ASI donates all the money made and matches the first $5,000 of the contribution with their own money.
ASI donates to three charities a year. At the beginning of each year, ASI administration has a special staff meeting to determine the charities to be sponsored that year. Everyone is welcome to present a charity of their choice, and then a vote is taken for which three to donate to that year.
For 2019, we changed the program to allow employees to either donate a predetermined amount or to contribute an amount of their choosing per paycheck. We have seen a steady increase in participants and dollar amounts over the past four years and anticipate continued growth.

  • Our employees have donated to 11 charities in 6 years:
    • Colorado Freedom Memorial (6 years)
    • Make-A-Wish Colorado (3 years)
    • Food Bank of the Rockies (2 years)
    • Dumb Friends League (2 years)
    • American Red Cross (1 year)
    • Boys & Girls Clubs (1 year)
    • Ronald McDonald House (1 year)
    • United Way (1 year)
    • Back-the-Blue K-9s (1 year)
    • Sox Place (1 year)
    • Village Exchange (1 year)
  • So far, our employees and ASI have donated a total of $64,000
    • 2016: $5,000
    • 2017: $13,000
    • 2018: $15,000
    • 2019: $15,000
    • 2020: $16,000

If any employees are interested in joining the Pennies for Change program, they are always welcome to reach out to the main office and get signed up!

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