TAPS Donations

ASI is proud to work closely with the Colorado chapter of Tragedy Assistant Program for Survivors (TAPS). The mission of TAPS is to provide care to those who have lost a love one during or because of his or her service in the armed forces. They provide that care in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Seminars
  • Retreats
  • Support groups
  • Online forums
  • Grief therapy
  • Youth groups
  • Expeditions

In 2018, ASI continued to contribute in multiple way on multiple occasions to this worthy cause. In lieu of a Christmas gift to our customers, we donated to TAPS in the customer’s name. We also bought tables at their major functions and participated in their silent auction fundraiser. The Colorado TAPS chapter’s event directors are Lynn and Bo Cotrell, whose large hearts and charismatic personalities have made it easy and desirable to work with them. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with the organization for years to come.

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