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Integration & Technology

ASI’s Technology Division has two core segments:

1. ASI SOC – (Security Operations Center): The ASI-SOC utilizes the latest in remote surveillance and access control technology to complement our onsite and patrol services. Specially trained officers, or monitoring agents, working from our ASI-SOC have the ability to view and interact live via remote PA’s and telephone entry systems to detect, deter and if necessary manage an incident or crisis in progress.

2. Integration: Integration Department to service, install and maintain the cameras and components needed to provide successful Remote Security Services (RSS) for your property.

Division Mission
To investigate and provide proven technological security solutions that support our customers and the ASI Account Management Team; and to build a World-Class Service Monitoring Center that leads the industry in quality and customer service.
– Manny Arias – VP Technology Integration

How can I Benefit from the Technology Advantage?

With ASI as your partner in security solutions we can assess your property to see how we can add proven technology to increase the effectiveness of your security program while ultimately lowering the overall cost. To do this, we look at utilizing techniques such as Remote Officer Interactions (ROI), also known in the industry as “Interactive Video Management” or “Virtual Guard Services” that ultimately add to another kind of ROI. From the ASI-SOC we can detect events, video verify incidents and assist in the management of your access control system.

Remote Officer Interaction can:

  • Deter criminal activity and create security awareness with live voice-down communications
  • Maintain a visual awareness until emergency response personnel arrives
  • Provide assistance for telephone entry doors and gates
  • Smartly dispatch and direct patrol units to properties only when needed
  • Provide incident and activity reports
  • Provide virtual guard tours
  • Conduct audit and compliance checks
  • Eliminate false responses

Who can benefit from Remote Officer Interactions?

  • Office buildings
  • Corporate parks and industrial complexes
  • Trucking and distribution terminals
  • Residential high-rises and complexes
  • Schools
  • Retail establishments
  • Hotels and reception areas
  • Gated communities and HOA’s

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